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What Is A Mason? - markhannan :: Residential Stone Masonry :: London, Ontario Canada :: We provide high quality, innovative and creative masonry services.

What Is A Mason?

Masons are skilled workers who install masonry materials such as brick, block, stone, and other materials to build walls and buildings. We read blueprints, and specifications, interpret codes, and must have a strong knowledge of tools, materials and techniques to perform in our trade. We work in the outdoors, indoors, on different locations, at home, the city next door, and around the world. We use our skills in a most practical way to build the most magnificent structures we have today.

  • We build schools, hospitals, commercial and industrial buildings.
  • We build walls that resist + 2,200 Degrees Kelvin, to smelt and process metals, chemicals, and glass – we call these Refractories.
  • We build your homes.
  • We restore the oldest buildings in the world!
  • Take a quick look around your community and you’ll soon gain insight into how all Masons shape our landscape!

In order to become a certified Mason, each of the staff at Mark Hannan must apprentice and learn the trade for 3 to 5 years. This commitment ensures that our staff have the skills and experience to execute on the jobs we are hired to complete.